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Greetings, fellow coffee enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my corner of the internet, where I share my journey from a coffee novice to a full-fledged coffee ninja, by traveling the world and having a good, aromatic cup of coffee. Believe it or not, my love affair with coffee didn't begin until 2018. Up until then, I was unaware of the rich and diverse world that awaited me in every cup. It all started with a simple sip that I hated. Yes, you read that right. I hated it!!! I started drinking coffee to curve my appetite when I was losing weight. After a few cups of black coffee, it didn’t taste so bad, and then one day I took a sip that awakened my taste buds and set me on a quest for the finest coffee experiences the world has to offer. In the beginning, I couldn't tell a macchiato from a mocha, but my curiosity and passion for exploration led me to dive headfirst into the world of coffee. One morning, after months of non-stop days, long nights, and early mornings working in the corporate world, I asked myself what else I do that I would enjoy more and what is useful to people. While debating that question, I said to myself, “I need coffee,” and Necesitas Cafe was born.

Nowadays, I am a part-time digital nomad, and you can find me traveling the world, fueled by the aromatic wonders of carefully crafted espresso and the comforting warmth of a well-brewed pour-over. I appreciate not only coffee but also the unique experiences that come with it. From the busy coffeehouses of Europe to the hidden gems in South America, my quest takes me to amazing places, each sip is a passport stamp on my global adventure of finding good coffee.

My goal is to provide a good cup of coffee that will keep you going and allow you to feel a little better about tackling whatever your day looks like.

Here at Necesitas Cafe, we also believe it's equally important to give back to society and be an active member of the community. It shows that we understand the interdependence of humanity. We take this responsibility seriously and donate a dollar from every bag of coffee sold to Doctors Without Borders. I know most coffee companies are expected to donate to coffee charities, and I love it, but I've been sick in most of the countries I visited, and without the proper medical care, you don't stand a chance. Doctors Without Borders offers medical humanitarian assistance to people based solely on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Their teams of doctors, nurses, logisticians, and other frontline workers are often among the first on the scene when people's lives are upended by conflict, or disease.

For more information visit Doctors Without Boarders or click on the below video.